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管家婆期期准精选资料What are the good ways to promote the promotion of small programs in Guizhou?

1. 玩转立减金

1. play to reduce gold


管家婆期期准精选资料Vertical payment is an important part of the electric business applet in WeChat's social ecology. It has helped mogujie.com, many spate, toys and other small business providers to increase profits. Take the gadget program as an example, if the payment is successful in the small program, it will generate a small sum of money for the small program. If you invite your friends to receive it, you can receive it immediately.


管家婆期期准精选资料To some extent, it is similar to the US group and the hungry share of red packets. It can be shared to a number of WeChat friends or share WeChat group to promote fission growth, and the gold card display is more attractive.


管家婆期期准精选资料Users receive minus gold, will put the card package "my ticket", opened the card pack an entrance, the user next to the small program in consumer payment, you can use minus gold.


In addition to electricity, Starbucks, Zhou Heiya and other online stores also use minus gold to bring more customers to the store. Therefore, e-commerce and store class small programs can not miss this weapon.

管家婆期期准精选资料2. 运用分享礼券构成裂变

管家婆期期准精选资料2. use sharing gift coupons to form fission


Starbucks uses small programs to use "star theory" to send coffee coupons and electronic Star gift cards to friends in WeChat directly. This form of small coupons plays a great role in social marketing. This is also effective for other small programs. It combines the sharing of coupons with their offline products, and makes use of the social interaction between WeChat and WeChat group for explosive propagation.


管家婆期期准精选资料In addition, there is a special gift of the method to play a flower, but also a case of reference.

管家婆期期准精选资料3. 小步谐和H5的组合拳

3. small programs and the combination of H5

管家婆期期准精选资料在不到一天的时间内,一个公益活动在网上失失了 581 多万次救援,和 1502 多万善款。腾讯公益颠末一个 H5,便打爆了自身的小步伐。这也给了管家婆期期准精选资料新的思绪,颠末 H5 举行活动的引爆,然后用小步伐举行用户沉淀,好的创意可以不绝复用,颠末新的情势重新振作荣耀。

In less than a day, a public service has received about 5810000 donations and about 15020000 good money on the Internet. Public Tencent through a H5, they broke their own small program. This also gives us new ideas. It detonates through H5 activities, and then uses small programs to precipitate users. Good ideas can be continuously reused and regenerated in a new form.


管家婆期期准精选资料The above are all some skills of "no cost" promotion. Next, I want to sum up how to spend the least money to achieve the biggest advertising effect.

管家婆期期准精选资料1. 搜刮入口的官方告白位

管家婆期期准精选资料1. official advertising sites at the entrance of the search


As long as we search many names, or corresponding keywords, we can see their advertisements in the first place of search results.


管家婆期期准精选资料In the near future, this entry seems to disappear quietly, but search key can still see that the related small programs are in the front rank. We can see that WeChat has been trying the entrance of small program advertising, and we will continue to observe it.

管家婆期期准精选资料2. 相近的小步伐告白

2. small program ads near


管家婆期期准精选资料Open the "nearby small program". The third place is the advertiser. In the same way, there will be an "advertising" button below. The nearby small program ads are more suitable for store and service small programs.

3. 钱包入口告白、微信卡券导流

3. purse entrance advertisement, WeChat voucher


WeChat purse ninth palace is now only a company with deep cooperation, what do we do with the advertising position? That is to use a WeChat card that is also the first level entrance to the store.

4. 群众号告白付费推行

管家婆期期准精选资料4. public number advertising payment promotion

如今告白主曾经可以在背景新建「文中告白」,将群众号文章中的 CPC 告白与小步伐中的管家婆期期准精选资料产品举行联通。纵然你没有群众号,也可以颠末投放「群众号文章告白」,把自身的商品卖给别的群众号的粉丝。固然在选择群众号举行投放的时间,也需要和自身的管家婆期期准精选资料产品属性连合,倡议可以先举行小范围测试,依据测试结果再举行大范围投放。

At present, advertisers can already build a new "text ad" in the background to connect the CPC ads in the public number article with the products in the small program. Even if you don't have a public number, you can sell your products to fans of other public numbers by putting in the "public number article advertising". Of course, when choosing the public number to launch, it also needs to combine with its product attributes. It is suggested that small range tests should be conducted first, and then large-scale input will be carried out according to the test results.


In the year of Guizhou package promotion, finally, the small programs that users used showed higher priority in both the search bar and the nearby small programs. So we can set up your small programs through various means such as WeChat group and offline two-dimensional code. How should the small program operate in the end? Why does small program ecology look like?



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