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Guiyang website construction talk about key words optimization strategy


It takes only two steps to succeed in the keyword strategy campaign: keyword selection: what is the content of the judgment page. Then determine which words the potential audience may use to search your page and create keywords based on these words.


Two methods: one is to stand on the user's point of view; instead, it should be used as a reference to the keyword of a competitor's web page.

关键词优化:将这些关键词运用于妥当的页面(推荐的数量是每个页面 3 至 5 个关键词),并自左上角末端,向下举行优化。这通常要处置处分页面的前 200 个单词 —— 页面标题标志、标题、择要等等。

Keywords Optimization: apply these keywords to the appropriate pages (the recommended quantity is 3 to 5 keywords per page), and optimize them from the upper left corner. This often deals with the first 200 words of a page - Page Title marks, headlines, abstracts, and so on.

基本上,关键词越接近左上角,百度赐与它们的权重就越大。我将这称为 “自左上角向下(top-left-down)” 关键词优化策略。用户末了查察 Web 站点的要领与膝行器的要领类似,以是依据自左上角向下朴实关键词也是一种精良的 Web 设计实践。

Basically, the closer the keyword is to the upper left corner, the greater the weight of Baidu gives them. I call this the "top-left-down" keyword optimization strategy. The way users initially view Web sites is the same as crawler. Therefore, it is a good Web design practice to emphasize keywords based on the top left corner.


管家婆期期准精选资料Line of sight tracking and search behavior

管家婆期期准精选资料Enquiro Eye Tracking 研讨项目研讨了人们查察搜刮结果的要领,进一步证明白用户会以自左上角向下的要领查察搜刮结果和 Web 页面,这也称为 “黄金三角(golden triangle)”。要想运用关键词策略取得告成,最好是将关键词放在接近页面顶部的中间。很多要素会影响整个搜刮引擎排名,包括(但不限于)出站和入站链接、对重定向的运用和其他底子要领标题。

Enquiro Eye Tracking research project has studied the way people look at the search results, further proving that users will view the search results and Web pages from the top left corner, which is also called the Golden Triangle (Golden Triangle). To make use of the keyword strategy to succeed, it is best to put the key words near the top of the page. Many factors affect the overall search engine rankings, including (but not limited to) outbound and inbound links, the use of redirects, and other infrastructure issues.

但是,SEO 的第一步是选择关键词。

管家婆期期准精选资料However, the first step of SEO is to select the key words.

义务 1:关键词选择策略

管家婆期期准精选资料Task 1: keyword selection strategy

管家婆期期准精选资料关键词优化中最告急的义务是,坚强页面敷衍人们实际要搜刮的关键词可否是优化的,也就是在针对这些关键词的搜刮结果中页面可否会失失高排名。要是没有人搜刮您的目的关键词,那么站点在搜刮引擎的排名再高也没居心义。很多专门的 SEO东西可以资助您坚强约莫关键词的盛行度和竞争度。

The most important task in keyword optimization is to determine whether pages are optimized for people's actual keywords, that is, whether pages will get high ranking in search results for these keywords. If no one searches for your target keyword, it doesn't make sense for the site to be high in the search engine. Many specialized SEO tools can help you judge the popularity and competition of the possible keywords.


管家婆期期准精选资料The main concepts to be remembered in creating a keyword list are as follows:


Popularity: will people use your keywords to search?


Competitive degree (Competitiveness): how many other pages are also targeted at these keywords? Should more specific key words be added?

管家婆期期准精选资料准确的 SEO

Correct SEO

管家婆期期准精选资料在 SERP 中失失第一位并不是 SEO 的目的。SEO 的目的是用公允的内容吸引潜伏用户访问站点,这些内容必需与用户用来搜刮的关键词契合。搜刮引擎仅仅是用来打仗受众的东西;高排名并不是终纵目的,而是第一步。

管家婆期期准精选资料Getting the first place in SERP is not the target of SEO. The goal of SEO is to attract potential users to access sites with reasonable content, which must be consistent with the key words that the user uses to search. The search engine is only a tool for exposure to the audience; high ranking is not the ultimate goal, but the first step.

管家婆期期准精选资料为了打仗到正在颠末搜刮引擎查找信息的受众,需要坚强哪些人并不是在专门找您的页面,但是您的页面对他们是有效的。应该针对这些 “游荡者” 对页面举行优化。

In order to contact the audience that is searching for information through search engines, we need to identify which people are not looking for your page, but your page is useful for them. These "rogues" should be optimized for the pages.


Another key point for Guiyang website construction keyword selection is to judge whether the key words are too popular, that is, whether the competition is too high. If too many pages are scramble for the high ranking of these keywords, you may need to choose a more specific keyword. For a number of key words, you also need to consider changing the key words. You must study how a user may search your page. What specific questions will the content of the page answer? Refine your key words on the basis of these questions.

要是敷衍您以为最妥当形貌自身页面的关键词,SERP 中会出现数以千计的页面,那么需要思量搜刮者会如那边理处分这种环境。搜刮者不会一页接一页地点击 SERP 中的链接;而是很约莫输入第二个搜刮词,约莫干脆换个搜刮词。您需要坚强页面的哪些特性是与众差异的,并且是可搜刮的。要是顶级页面提供了多种模范的内容,那么总是可以从相比一样伟大化的关键词末端,然后在目次中更深、更特定的第二级页面上运用更特定的关键词。

If you think most suitable for describing the keywords of your page, thousands of pages will appear in SERP, so we need to consider how searchers will handle this situation. Searchers don't click on pages from page to page to click on the links in SERP; instead, they are likely to enter second search words, or simply change a search term. You need to determine which features of the page are different and can be searchable. If top-level pages provide multiple types of content, they can always start with more general keywords, then use more specific keywords on deeper, more specific second level pages.


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